Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keepin' it local!

Hey Bibelot fans, 
like to shop local for locally made products?
This one is just for you!

Our buyers work hard to find well made, exciting products that are handmade by artists in good 'ol Minnesota.  Since this is often what customers are looking for, I've compiled a small group of our best sellers in the gift department!  In the next few weeks, I'll work on jewelry, stationery, and even some clothing.

Bungalow Pottery... creamers, bowls, vases, mugs, the list goes on.
Wood From The Hood... salvaged lumber from local trees.

Bryan Becker bowls, made in WI (close enough to "local")!
Boards by Joel, harvested locally. Great for cheese plates, trivets, even cutting boards.
Front Avenue Pottery... natural imagery.
Dock 6 pottery... glistening and magical.
Boreal Stone- jewelry and frames

For those of you enjoy body products or who like a nice smelling home, we even have a few candle and soap makers in the mix!

Thymes... simply the best!

New to the store, Serenade Natural Products.  Smells like real flowers!

Colors made from minerals, candle made from plant and bees wax.

Can't get more pure than 100% beeswax.
Sunleaf Naturals... every single one smells amazing!
Johnston Honey's Helping Hand Cream, a crowd favorite!

Just because we live up here in the North woods, doesn't mean we don't like a little color!  Here are a few bright and fun things made right here!
Utile Mud... make your kitchen a little more sunny!
Brand new to the store!  7two7 Glass!

City in a Jar... wear your favorite landmark!
Trigo monsters... spare change,  please!
Mark Herman prints
Nicole Coffman Glass Stars
Ducky Uglings... the definition of cute!

We even have a couple lamps made by locals!

Jen Hanlon Ash lamps
Ink Orchard
Below is a link to our Minnesota made products on our website.  You can find many things I've listed above as well as a few other products.   

If the item isn't available online, you can call any of our stores and a sales associate can help you out.  

Grand Ave 651.222.0321
Linden Hills 612.925.3175
Saint Anthony 651.646.5651
Northeast 612.379.9300

Of course, there are many, many other things made in Minnesota available at our stores.  This is just a selection of some of my favorites.

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